Graffiti Art Culture

  Graffiti has existed for thousands of years, with roots in ancient times, and has been used as an expression of social and political ideals. Graffiti was popularized in New York around the same time that hip-hop culture expanded and as with the musical aspect of the time, reflected the struggle of the African-American community […]

Fashion and Clothes

  Clothing is also a huge part of the hip-hop culture and has lead to the overall commercialization of the industry, particularly with the progression into the internet era where record sales have declined. This has meant that artists are relying more on their merchandise sales and tours to make a profit. During the peak […]

Language and slang

  Changes in society and culture also inspire an evolution of language. This is evident in the emergence and solidification of hip-hop culture. The rise of hip-hop as a local phenomenon in New York quickly gave birth to a national and then global phenomenon and has impacted many forms of language. New words and slang […]