Physical Music Media Storage

It is fair to say that digital media has significantly changed the way people listen to music. Streaming and downloads are exceedingly popular. However, this does not mean that physical music media has disappeared. In fact, vinyl has made a comeback. Music lovers still need an item of furniture to keep their collections in. Royal Design offers an impressive range of sideboards which are perfect for this purpose. These products will allow listeners to organise their music so that their homes are much tidier.

What Is A Sideboard?

Sideboards are a popular type of furniture which are designed specifically to provide extra storage space. They tend to be rectangular in shape, with cupboards or drawers installed. Inside these can be placed practically any item that can fit.

For this reason sideboards are utilised by a wide variety of hobbyists. This includes music fans. They could purchase a sideboard from Royal Design and free up a lot of space within a room. The type of sideboard needed will depend on the size of their collection. In some cases it may be necessary to purchase multiple units.

Why Are Sideboards Perfect For Storing Music?

Some people may be tempted to just stack up their music in a corner. The problem with this is it will make the room look dishevelled. In contrast, a sideboard adds elegance and style to homes. The physical media will be discreetly packed away out of sight. The sideboards provided by Royal Design are second to none. They are sure to add class to a music lover’s abode.


Since CDs have been around for decades music fans will have likely accumulated a lot of them. The good news is that CD boxes are small enough to fit inside a sideboard in bulk. If the owner wants to save even more space they could place the discs inside a CD wallet and store that within the sideboard.


The sale of vinyl records has seen a surge in recent years. This form of physical media is significantly larger than CDs. One useful trick for fitting them inside a Royal Design sideboard is to stack the records facedown. Doing so will tend to increase the overall capacity.

Considering Colour

Since the music lover will be looking at the sideboard every day they should pick one that has a pleasing colour. The ones available from Royal Design come in numerous hues. This includes black, white, brown, grey, red and green. Several also have a brass finish which will give a room an added sense of sophistication.

A Long Term Investment

When purchasing a sideboard to keep music collections in it should be remembered that this is a long term investment. The owner will utilise the unit to store their vinyl and CDs for years to come. This furniture will also serve to increase the aesthetic value of the home. It is therefore a good idea to spend a considerable amount of money on the sideboard. It will be well worth it for the numerous benefits.

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