Classy Interior Designs for Home Music Rooms

The place you live in reflects your dreams, personal style, and deepest thoughts. This is especially true when you are a musician, and your love for music should guide your interior design choices. When you surround yourself with creative elements, you welcome inspiration when you need it the most. Got an extra room you want to turn into a classy music den? Follow these guidelines.

Whether you have a flexible space or a spare bedroom, you can design it into a stylish music room for recording, practicing, and hosting friends. From the best music-inspired lighting to fun décor ideas, this guide should help you transform a dull space into a dream music-themed arena.

Strategic Lighting

How would you feel composing a song in a room with a piano and a stylish chandelier hanging above it? If your current bulb doesn’t provide sufficient illumination, add some wall sconces around the instrument to read the sheet music without straining. Or you could try the chrome Balloon Chandelier from House Doctor for a brighter ambiance. In case you want to do some renovation, plan for intense overhead lighting where you usually play the violin, flute, or guitar.

Vibrant Colors

Bright hues can trigger your imagination in ways you didn’t know. If you love playing rock music or rocking the drums, some orange and red accents on the walls would bring some energy to the room. Revamp the look of your sofa with something such as the Embroidered Tiger Velvet Cushion Cover at Royal Design. Perhaps you prefer soft music on a classical piano. Blue or any cooler shade would inspire your gentle melodies and soothing tunes.

Go Green

A room with house plants speaks well about the owner. You not only care for the environment with plants but also improve sound absorption. A potted plant in a Copenhagen Pot Green would create a natural and feel-at-home ambiance in your studio.

Add Style and Function with Rugs

Rugs are some of the easiest ways to decorate your music room. They also help with soundproofing, supporting rich acoustic sounds, and absorbing extra noise. Incorporate a stylish touch with the Kelim Squares Rug or a double-toned Una Traceable Rug.

Comfortable Seating

Consider an oversized couch on the side of the wall you intend to hang guitars. A comfortable seat is a staple for any home music studio because you need to feel relaxed when writing your next hit. Also, invest in plush cushions such as Shell Dyna for your chairs. Remember that upholstered furniture helps with dampening the sounds.

Music room décor ideas are fun and straightforward ways to redesign your home. It is all about creating space that you love. Stay motivated in your practice room, and most importantly, happy.

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