How to Enjoy a Live Concert During the Covid19 Pandemic

The pandemic has caused many problems. The music business and the entertainment industry, in general, have suffered a huge crisis. As big gatherings are banned, and social distancing is slowly becoming a way of life, concerts and live events have been canceled all around the world.

But music is unstoppable, and artists have found new and engaging ways to reach their audience. These days, we are witnessing an entirely new era in music enjoyment. It’s about being together while being apart. How’s that possible?

Using video conference tools, bands have played together in live performances that have been shared on social media. The musicians were in lockdown in their homes, but, with the aid of technology, have synchronized their energy and love for music, to deliver shows to a public that is spread all over the world.

From classical music to dance, from pop to hardcore metal, everyone has given his contribution to these new kinds of performances. And even though the musicians could not hear the applause of the public, they could still interact with their fans.

You can participate in these events with a mobile phone and a good pair of earphones. Also, you need an internet connection and a phone that has a stable operating system, so that you can enjoy quality video streaming. Apple phones are probably the best choice, but if they’re a bit too much for your budget, you can find a good refurbished iphone that has all the right features to ensure a great user experience.

Just log into your social media account and then scroll through the options of the live performances available. You can follow the concerts in live mode, interacting with the artists through comments, or sending your appreciation through emoticons. And, all of this for free!

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