Writing Music About Augmentation

Musicians will have a better chance of attracting a mass audience if they write songs that many people can relate to. It is difficult to choose a theme that has universal appeal. If the track only relates to a niche type of listener then the singer will struggle to break into the mainstream.

The key is to write about subjects that smash through cultural barriers. Augmentation is one option. In recent years an increasing number of people around the world have decided to try plastic surgery. Companies such as Motiva UK offer implant services which can change client’s lives for the better. There are several routes to go down when creating a song focused around this type of procedure.

Singing About The Benefits

There are plenty of methods available when it comes to musical composition. Some people like to focus on the mood of the notes. However, others will want to start with the lyrics. They could write about the numerous positive things about augmentation. Each verse might list specific benefits such as improved appearance and enhanced self esteem. The musician will have a lot of options when it comes to lyrical content.

Writing From Personal Experience

The most successful tracks tend to be written by people who have lived them. Personal experience will give the writer insight into the subject. They might obtain implants from Motiva UK and then create a song about their post surgery life. It would make the song autobiographical instead of entirely fictional. When done correctly the listener will connect with the lyrics more.

Creating A Character

On the other hand many musicians prefer to make up stories. The best fictional figures manage to have a cultural impact which lasts for decades. The person depicted in the song may undergo augmentation. Their journey would appeal to a large number of people. If the musician wants to create this kind of track then the first verse could be about life before surgery. The end of the song may then depict the positive effects of implants.

Focusing On An Audience Type

Whilst some singers like to cater to a mass audience this is not always the wisest idea. It is often better to choose a type of listener before starting to write the song. Musicians who choose augmentation fans will be off to a good start. Their target audience will be from a range of backgrounds.

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