Urban Music and Culture go Hand in Hand

The standard life of an ordinary well-paying person in the music industry is waking up, exercising, eating and sleeping, this process recurs every single day of their life. Well, the difference between them and one who excels and shines in the music industry is that they incorporate more than the four essential necessities in life is by involving their culture into more than shutting it down and keeping it away. Culture is the very basis to bring forth new ideas that come up in Urban Music.

Style at Urban Music Awards

Style compliments a person and gives more meaning to the one being styled and flaunting it. At the Urban Music Award, the former MIC star Ashley James showcased a beautiful dress which unmasked her small waist and unrivalled her incredible figure not exposing too much with a high neckline and long sleeves. Her lifestyle brings her into leading the style at the Urban Music Awards, which boosted her confidence far beyond what it was before. Though her lifestyle has changed, she does miss some of her habits of going to the gym which had positive effects on her mental ability. She realised that if we are happy with ourselves people will think we are sexy and confidence is the real beauty.

Involving culture into Urban Music

Culture is the very essence of aestheticism in the world of Urban Music. Through, culture one can be able to form music, for instance, the genre of music of hip hop where its peak was in the 1970’s where the songs based on the circumstances and the political significance they were undergoing. The Master of Ceremonies is primary a person who moves the crowd or starts a good atmosphere at an event or in the presence of two more, now in hip hop, the Master of Ceremonies was the controller of the crowd. They used their skills to control the crowd or bring up a melody for the rapper to bring what he got to the floor. There can be other forms of culture found at barnebys.com.

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