Language and slang


Changes in society and culture also inspire an evolution of language. This is evident in the emergence and solidification of hip-hop culture. The rise of hip-hop as a local phenomenon in New York quickly gave birth to a national and then global phenomenon and has impacted many forms of language. New words and slang are constantly being invented and old words and phrases being appropriated to fit into a new cultural setting.

The artistic lyricism is continuously evolving as rappers strive to create something new and the sheer complexity that rap has displayed through rhyming schemes and diverse vocabulary in recent years is astounding. Similar to the impact of an artists fashion and style, the language of an artist quickly influences the youth of the time. Approximately 4000 new words are added the English dictionary every year, and while this is not solely due to hip-hop culture, it certainly plays its part. With such rapid development of language, who knows what words will be commonplace in the future.

It can be seen that hip-hop culture has had a significant impact worldwide, bringing people of all races, beliefs, and cultures together, providing a platform for self-expression.

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