Drums Are The Rhythm Of Hip Hop

A strong drum line is like a strong heart beat. The beat that keeps the foot tapping, the head bobbing, the fingers flicking. The rhythm controls the mood. The drums control the rhythm. Fractions of seconds, millions of moments, all these to put life into those feet that stand on the dance floor. Pumping motion into the stillness. Like blood to the brain. It is the perfect drum beat that controls movement. It is the drum beat that controls the energy. It is the drum beat that makes Hip Hop pop.

Hearts Beat Like Drums

It is often said that to make music that moves people, you need to create a rhythm that replicates and controls the heart. To start slow and steady. Pulling in the masses, so that once you have them synchronized with the base line, they become the waves of your music. Your drum line controls the moment of the crowd and ultimately, the energy they get from your music. The drums have been used all over the world to express and communicate passion. Even Cockatoos can impress with drum solos using sticks. Through the ages, men beat drums that made women move. It’s the drum beat that is the rhythm. It’s the drum beat that is the pages on which the lyrics write the story.

The Language Of The Drums

antiques and collectables at barnebys give you the opportunity to take a look at the various methods of beat creation. Cultures have used drums to control the crowds for many years, in a very similar way that we use them now. Telling stories of passing time. Teaching their unique style, that will represent their history to the future generations. Drummers create unique rhythms that will be an identification of who they were, are, and want to be. Like a painter chooses his canvas, a musician chooses his beat. The very foundation of what he will create depends on this. The effect that his creation has depends on this. The ability to move the crowd will always be dependent upon the drum beat and the rhythm.

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